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Stars in Your Eyes

Opening night:1939

Composer: Arthur Schwartz


Ethel Merman
Jimmy Durante
Richard Carlson
Tamara Toumanova
Mildred Natwick
Musical Numbers
Places, Everybody
One Brief Moment
This Is It
All The Time
Self-Made Man
Okay For Sound
A Lady Needs A Change
Terribly Attractive
Just A Little Bit More
As Of Today
He's Goin' Home
I'll Pay The Check
Never A Dull Moment
It's All Yours

Stars in Your Eyes was Dorothy�s second book musical, and her first project after she returned to New York for married life with second husband Eli Lahm.

The creative process was a troubled one, with the show�s original conception being radically altered by director Joshua Logan, who removed the left-wing political comment which had originally featured strongly. Songs were cut and replaced, and the piece emerged as a lively romantic comedy taking place in Hollywood.

Some serious songs remained, such as the rueful, resigned I�ll Pay The Check, delivered by Ethel Merman. The cast was a great asset, featuring not only Merman but Jimmy Durante; the pair had a show-stopping number in It�s All Yours, during which they repeatedly interrupted the chorus with wisecracks, jokes and ad-libs.

If It�s All Yours was a throw-away number, but some of the other numbers represented Dorothy�s first foray into writing lyrics integrated with the characters and plot of a show.

The show was moderately well received by critics, but lasted less than four months.

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